MageStackDay Valentine’s fun

Our 2nd MageStackDay was around Valentines day. This resulted in some amazing tweets and pictures which we collected here: Roses are red,Violets are blue,Sugar is sweet,And @magestackday needs you — David Manners (@mannersd) January 13, 2015 This valentine's day show @magento a stack of love #realmagento — David Manners (@mannersd) January 27,[…]

MageStackday Recap

Over 50 developers, from 15 nationalities answering 189 questions, earning 207 badges getting the acceptance rate up from 68.62% to 70.48%. Even after these two days the answer rate continued to climb. When we started brainstorming about MageStackDay a few weeks ago we never imagined it would be such a success or how much support[…]

Cleaning up Join #magestackday!

It’s time to clean up our loved Magento Stackexchange site! On 7. + 8. November we will do an online “hackathon” (more a magestackoverflow-athon, official on twitter: #magestackday) dedicated to answering, closing and cleaning up questions on The goal is to raise the answered questions rate up by at least a few percent and[…]