MageStackDay #6 – Thank you!

MageStackDay #6 is over and we are overwhelmed about the number of participants and how many things happened during MageStackDay! Participants Signed up: 96 participants from 26 countries! That’s very amazing and the longest list of MageStackDay participants EVER! Top countries: India The Netherlands US & Romania Germany Italy & Poland Number of new questions[…]

Interview with Max Yekaterynenko – Director of Community Engineering at Magento

Max Yekaterynenko is the new Director of Community Engineering at Magento. With his team of 4 very experienced engineers they are putting a lot of power into managing Magento 2 community contributions. Jason Woosley just announced this on the new DevBlog yesterday: GitHub Community Moderator Team Max Yekaterynenko, Director of Community Engineering, will be rebooting and[…]

MageStackDay #5 statistics

MageStackDay 5 is over. Together with 68 participants from 23 countries all over the world, we’ve been busy anwering, voting, editing questions on Magento StackExchange and the Magento Forums! And we had a lot of fun too on Slack and Twitter! These are the official numbers of MageStackDay #5: Participants & countries: Participants: 68 Countries: 23  […]

MageStackday #5 – Thank you!

MageStackDay #5 is over! More than 65 participants from more than 10 nationalities have been answering questions non stop for 24 hours. We thank you for your support and involvement. We thank you for the fun we had last 2 days and we hope to see you again next time! We’d also like to thank[…]

Panel discussion and “Taking a microscope and periscope to platform vulnerabilities” by Talesh Seeparsan

Every MageStackDay we try to do something extra to give back to all the people giving up there free time to answer questions during the event and every other day. Next to that we really wanted to add some meaningful content to the event to give you, the participants, the best possible time on Friday the 17th[…]

Sticker ambassadors

We all love stickers, specially the MageStackDay stickers! That’s why we’re so happy Aspiration Hosting is our official sticker sponsor for the 5th MageStackDay. And to make sure everybody can have stickers without paying insane shipping amounts we’ve teamed up with Amit Bera and Ben Marks as our official sticker ambassadors in India and the[…]