MageStackDay #6 – Thank you!

MageStackDay #6 is over and we are overwhelmed about the number of participants and how many things happened during MageStackDay!


Signed up: 96 participants from 26 countries!

That’s very amazing and the longest list of MageStackDay participants EVER!

Top countries:

  • India
  • The Netherlands
  • US & Romania
  • Germany
  • Italy & Poland

Number of new questions during MageStackday: 251

Number of Answers during MageStackDay: 398 answered

Total answered: 147

Badges earned during MageStackDay: 275

Top badges earned: Popular Question (27), Student(26), Revival (21), Teacher (20), Tumbleweed (19)

Gold badges: Famous question (1), Fanatic (1 – congrats to the one who visited the site for 100 days in a row!),




Special MSD #6 badges earned on the Forum: 16

Github & DevDocs

For the first time we included the Magento 2 Github repo and DevDocs team was also on board.

4 Pull Requests to the Magento 2 Github repo were made and also topics & content was suggested for the DevDocs.


We’d like to thank all of our participants and supporters for another great MageStackDay!