Interview with Max Yekaterynenko – Director of Community Engineering at Magento

Max Yekaterynenko is the new Director of Community Engineering at Magento. With his team of 4 very experienced engineers they are putting a lot of power into managing Magento 2 community contributions.

Jason Woosley just announced this on the new DevBlog yesterday:

  • GitHub Community Moderator Team
    Max Yekaterynenko, Director of Community Engineering, will be rebooting and ramping up a new team of community moderators (If you aren’t familiar with this initiative, please refer to this May 2015 post from Ben Marks’s blog.). While the members of the 2017 team have yet to be selected, we have a clear idea regarding expanded capability and scope. In addition to issue triaging, GitHub Community Moderator team members will be given direct access to the core development team and our expanding testing toolset in order to assess issues, solicit resolutions, and process pull requests. Max has assembled a strong team of engineers and architects to facilitate ecosystem participation.

We talked to Max about his new role and team, his vision on community and development, and the age-old question: Docker or Vagrant? 😉

There are three main goals the team will be working on:

  1. Enable the community to start processing pull requests, figuring out what is needed and starting to show results.
  2. Ease of contribution: enable the community to create pull requests. The team will provide tools and information of how things are done.
  3. Transparency: Share and communicate what is missing currently.

Watch the full interview (28 Min.) here:


Interview: Max Yekaterynenko, Sander Mangel, Anna Völkl

Questions & Research: David Manners, Anna Völkl, Sander Mangel