MageStackday #5 – Thank you!

MageStackDay #5 is over!

More than 65 participants from more than 10 nationalities have been answering questions non stop for 24 hours.

We thank you for your support and involvement. We thank you for the fun we had last 2 days and we hope to see you again next time!

We’d also like to thank Magento for their sponsoring and involvement, the Meet Magento association for sponsoring tickets and the live stream and aspiration hosting for the stickers. We’d like to thank Sherrie for her support as the forum ambassador, Fabian, Ben, Raphael, Marius and Phill for the panel discussion and last we would like to thanks Talesh for finding the time in such a busy moment in his live to record such a great talk on security. Working through the night to to deliver it.

Keep on voting, answering and learning and see you again soon!