Why are the Magento Forums part of MageStackDay?

MageStackDay isn’t just about magento.stackexchange.com, it’s about reaching out to the whole online community and being active in that community where ever we can. That also means the Magento Forums.

And who better to explain about the Magento Forums and why they should be a part of MSD than Magento Community Manager Sherrie Rohde!


You might be wondering why the Magento Forums are part of MageStackDay #5, given that they haven’t been included in the past and are not, well, StackExchange.

TL;DR – We’ve spent the past year rebuilding them and now that they’ve got a great foundation, we’d really love your help to help others in the community!

Now, let me give you a bit of history.

The Magento Forums originally launched with the first public beta of Magento way back in 2007. By 2014, they were badly in need of a massive overhaul and overridden with spam despite moderation efforts, so they were shut down until a replacement could be found. Meanwhile, Magento StackExchange was born and began to thrive, especially in our developer community.

In March 2015, Ben Marks, Piotr Kaminski and others worked together to relaunch the Magento Forums on a brand new platform better designed to handle our community’s needs. By September 2015, the new Magento Forums reached 50,000 members and in February 2016, we were able to celebrate 100,000 members. Today, we’re nearing in on 150,000 members.

Our member growth in just over a year is impressive and validates the need to provide on-domain forums; however, members without mentors and questions without solutions mean little. This is where I get really excited. When we hit 100,000 members we were also able to share that the community has accepted over 1,000 solutions on the platform as well as awarded each other with over 1,500 kudos. Those numbers continue to grow. In fact, we average above industry standards for our accepted solution rate. Our passionate community is all about breaking precedents but we know this can be even better.

I get really excited about numbers, which my mom would find hilarious after our 11 year war over math, so I definitely nerded out over Anna’s post with metrics from MageStackDay #4. The cool thing is, we’re able to provide the same data with the forums. Like StackExchange, on the Magento Forums you can acquire badges based on your actions, we have kudos rather than votes, comments, answers, accepted solutions, the ability to measure the solution rate to look at remaining unanswered posts and of course new topics.

So what do you say? Are you ready to help make the Magento Forums another great source of information for the Magento community?

If so, and if you’ve registered for MageStackDay #5 and participate on the forums that day, we’ve put together a special edition MageStackDay #5 forum badge just for you. It’s not much, we know, but it looks cool—just ask the MageStackDay team.
Hope to see you there!

– Sherrie Rohde