Panel discussion and “Taking a microscope and periscope to platform vulnerabilities” by Talesh Seeparsan

Every MageStackDay we try to do something extra to give back to all the people giving up there free time to answer questions during the event and every other day. Next to that we really wanted to add some meaningful content to the event to give you, the participants, the best possible time on Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th.

That’s why we’re proud to present our panel discussion and talks!

Panel discussion
In light of the recent tweets tweets, blogposts and discussions on the community and specially Magento StackExchange members we’ve want to host a panel discussion with a select couple of people.
During this discussion we’ll have community members presenting their thoughts and opinions and along with that we’ll have an opportunity to discuss this further via chat.

If you’re interested in participating to the streaming panel discussion please write out a short summary with your thoughts and mail it to

 “Taking a microscope and periscope to platform vulnerabilities”
We’re very honored and happy to announce an online talk by Talesh Seeparsan, who you might know from his security podcast, on security exploits like Shoplift and others, how those affect Magento and how to defend yourself to those and other unknown future attacks.

The talk will be streamed during the MageStackDay event on Friday evening (GMT) so make sure you’re on the MageStackDay Slack!

Join us on the 17th and 18th of June
Make sure to sign up for MageStackDay and get access to the streams.

Meet Magento Association
The streaming server for this event is made possible by the sponsoring of the Meet Magento Association.