MageStackday #4 statistics

On the 15th & 16th of January 2016, MageStackDay #4 took place! Thanks a lot for everyone who has been participating or supporting us!

A lot of people have been active with answering, commenting and did up-/down-/close- and tag-voting. It was quite busy again on!

Of course we’d like to let you know how we did, so here are our official stats 🙂


49 people from 18 countries signed up:



Numbers, numbers, numbers

MageStackDay weekend weekend before MageStackDay Result
Total badges 422 198 +224
Total votes 1090 358 +732
Total comments 873 480 +393
Total answers 399 173 +226
Total accepted 104 57 +47
Total unanswered -349 69 -418
Total questions 111 141 -30


Acceptance rate

From Jan 15th, 11:30 (GMT): 75,97% to Jan 18th, 08:30 (GMT): 77,29% = +1,32%

Badges per day

We nearly doubled the amount of badges per day (most of them being Revival badges, as we think) 😉

  • 13.01: 85 badges/day
  • 14.01: 104 badges/day
  • 15.01: 154 badges/day
  • 16.01: 96 badges/day


It was very busy on slack. 1,300 messages were sent during MageStackDay!


Thanks to Sander who is exceptional at finding the right gif for every tweet, your top Tweet was:

Thank you!

We are very happy to be part of this great Magento community. Thank you so much for your participation and time! Keep the MageStackDay spirit alive and set your browsers startup page to 🙂


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