MageStackDay #2 (13th & 14th February 2015)

Back by public demand, we set up the second edition of MageStackDay. This time with more preparation time and new ideas. The second MageStackDay took place on the 13th and 14th of February 2015.

91 developers, from 26 nationalities answering 563 questions, earning 311 badges getting the acceptance rate up from 71.74% to 74.78% (+3.04%)!

Guys & gals: It was amazing! Together we had a big impact on the quality of a massive amount of questions has been answered, low-quality questions have been closed or flagged and good questions and answers received your upvotes. One of the biggest achievements is how much knowledge we have shared. It was always quite busy in our slack team channels where great discussions about the questions and Magento in general have been going on.

And there was so much more going on: new extensions got created during this time (we call it SDD – StackExchange Driven Develoment), some of our participants signed up and answered their first questions on the site and a lot of them decided to become regularly active!

Fact & funfacts about MageStackDay #2

Statistics from 13.02.2015 07:00 – 15.02.2014 21:30 (time in GMT+1)

MageStackDay #2 13.02.2015 07:00 – 15.02.2014 21:30 (GMT +1)
compared with week before
Badges earned: 311 +226
Votes spent: 1140 +998
Comments added: 629 +297
Answers added: 458 +377
Number of unanswered questions: -563 -609
Answers that got accepted: 75 +38
New questions: 80 -6
New users: 12 +8


Answer rate: from to 71.74% to 74.78% (+3.04%) which shows up as 75% on due to the rounding!

The MageStackDay-team

Sander Mangel and Anna Völkl got great support from David Manners and Marius Strajeru! Thanks for that!

We had a lot of fun

There was so much fun, we needed a seperate Blogpost for this. Follow this link 🙂

Thank you!

We are happy to be part of this great Magento community. Thank you so much for your participation and time! Keep the MageStackDay spirit alive! We’ll be back!