MageStackDay #6
February 3rd & 4th 2017


What is MageStackDay and why should you participate?

Improve Quality

Help us answering, voting and improving questions on the forums and improve the overall quality of our beloved question & answer platforms!


Connect with other MageStackDay participants via our Slack channel or the #MageStackDay hashtag on Twitter.

Learn & help

Answering questions does not only support your own learning and understanding, it helps other developers solving their problems.

Have fun!

Meet new people and chat with old friends! Our #random channel is fun ;-)


Facts about MageStackDay
Have fun answering Magento questions

MageStackDay is an online hackathon dedicated to answering questions on & Magento community forum. It's all about getting together online and enjoying the best thing about Magento: community!

We started MageStackDay back in 2014 while was still in Beta. Even though the platform is out of Beta now, we love to continue with MageStackDay as it was such a big success!

  • Developers


  • Questions answered


  • Badges earned


  • Acceptance rate (+)



This is the group of crazy people behind MageStackDay
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Sander Mangel

Sexy Lead Tweeter & Director of Animated Gifs
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Anna Völkl

Chief Strategy Revolutionary & Official Infrastructure Professional
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David Manners

Hot Business Consultant & Viral Strategy Mentor
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Marius Strajeru

Official Solutions Inspector & Practical Framework Assistant


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